Freitag, 7. September 2012

pimp your old miniatures

Today I am gonna show you that a painted model is never finished and you can still work on it.

This Winter Guard Rocketeer was painted by my long ago.
 Yuk!! I apologize to hurt your eyes. :)

My painting skills slightly improved over the years in the hobby. So I got the idea to repaint an old model. Not strip off the old color. Just paint over it. The major colors are already on. You just need to improve the paint job.  Should still be a miniature for play.

Here is the result.
Much better looking now on the table.

And all together the remastered miniature.
Gave him a winter themed base.

This was not the first model. Started with the Butcher but did not previous photos. He is still in work as you can see on his trousers and some red Armour parts on the back.
Hope some of you got inspired to pimp up his/her old models too.

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