Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

In the Box - Malifaux Ten Thunder Archers

Very nice plastic sprue. High detail on the Miniatures comes with the new Line of Malifaux miniatures from Wyrd Miniatures.

This are all the parts for one model.
The flash is easy to remove. As on all plastic models. They fit well together if you know where the parts have to be placed. You have often to take a look on the back of the packing to find the right position for the parts. But its easy and not rocket science. A sketch would have been fine. The part have numbers on the sprue. I recommend to cut out only the parts for one model. If its built than go to the next. This avoids any miss match of parts.


  1. Thanks for that helpful preview. I like the asian style of this minis and the bows. I´ll have a look at them and wouldn´t recordnice them without your blog. :)

    Sry for my horrible english.

    1. Thank you!
      No Problem with the English. Its also not my native language. :) You could comment in German if you like. ;)