Dienstag, 31. Januar 2012

3-Colors Killa Kan [1]

This Killa Kan was finished i two days. The pant job was easy but with patients. First the body and arms were built up separately. This made it easier to paint all parts. Spray primed all black. Base was made separately and primed in brown.
After letting all dry for an half day. You ask why? Because I mentioned the primer sticks better to the surface of the miniature when it has more time to dry on. Anyway, after drying Metal-parts were painted in Gun Metal. Afterwards I washed them with black ink. When this is dry I edge highlighted with Chrome. Just the very upper edges. No dry-brushing

The black/white patter is always the worst to do. But it gives a nice eye-catcher, so its worth to take time for this. Finally edge highlight all black-parts with a medium grey. Again no dry-brushing.

When everything is painted, glue body and arms together and fix it on the brown base. Sand the base and put some static grass or what ever els on it - finished!

You see just 3 color + shadings (ok you got me: black and white are not color) on the miniature and it looks great! Guess I will paint the tubes in a red/orange color for more popping.

If you like it or not, have a questions just leave a comment.

Montag, 23. Januar 2012

Skaven Clanrats 1

The first Skaven Clanrats regiment is brought together. All four groups of five. This makes them 20 in total. They are from the Island of Blood Starterbox. Was fun to paint and a lot of work. The result is worth it.

used colors:

Euro Color
  • Umber
Vallejo Model Color [VMC]
  • Medium Flesh (021)
  • German Camo.Black Brown (150)
  • Red (029)
  • Carmine Red (030)
  • Saddle Brown (138)
  • Light Orange (025)
  • Ivory (005)
  • Beige (008)
  • Dark Grey (166)
  • Black (189)
Vallejo Game Color extra opaque [VGCo]
  • Heavy Skintone
  • Heavy Brown
Vallejo Wash
  • Fleshtone Wash
  • Umber Shade
  • Sepia Shade
Vallejo Game Color [VGC]
  • Goblin Green
Privateer Press Formula P3 [P3]
  • Pig Iron
  • Cold Steel
  • Solid Gold
  • Armor Wash
  • Brown Ink
  • Flesh Wash
  • Iosan Green
Games Workshop Citadel Wash
  • Ogryn Flesh
  • Devlan Mud

Freitag, 20. Januar 2012

Skaven Clanrats[4]

Finally the last rank is finished. This complets the first Skaven Clanrats regiment. Hope I can bring them the next few days altogether for a shooting.
Next to come...Weaponteam, Ratogre, Clanlord what ever is first finished.

Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

Skaven Clanrats[3]

Here we go the. The New Year begins ratish. Just close to finish the first unit. The last 5 are already on the workbench.

If you like it or not, have a questions just leave a comment.