Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Khador Man-hunter 2

This is my second Man-hunter. I like this Model. The face is so characterful. In my games a man-hunter never did any damage. He was always killed before by the enemy. This shows how dangerous he is, if the opponent wants to get him as fast as he can. :)

one more Orks Nobz

 Just a new Ork Nobz. You never can have enough. Painted it in between for fun.

Epic Wolves new Tactical & Devestator

Second tactical detachment and a devastator detachment are fished. Behind there is some terrain work in progress. Used a plastic card. Fixed some of the ruins on, that come withe the bases. Sanded all and after drying I spray primed it with my Airbrush in black. Than gone with some gray over it. Put some rubble on. Ready for priming and painting.

Some close ups. The Librarian needs still some fine tuning.

Here you can find a nice army-generator which I used for this list.

Space Wolves, 650 POINTS

6 Tacticals, Librarian

4 Devastators, Captain

Total army points 1875

Freitag, 28. September 2012

Epic Assault Wolves

Some Blood Claws are finished. Equiped with jumppacks worth 175 points.
Here is a size comparison

Total army points 1225

EDIT: a little preview

Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

Epic Space Wolves

Last weekend I were on a charity event and there some people played Epic Armageddon. This inspired me to bring up my old Space Marine Space Wolves army back to life. This is whats new so far.
A tactical detachment with a commander for 350 points, a Landraider detatchment for 400 points and a Whirlwind detachment for 300 points brings me to a total of 1050 points. :)

Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

In the Box - Malifaux Ten Thunder Archers

Very nice plastic sprue. High detail on the Miniatures comes with the new Line of Malifaux miniatures from Wyrd Miniatures.

This are all the parts for one model.
The flash is easy to remove. As on all plastic models. They fit well together if you know where the parts have to be placed. You have often to take a look on the back of the packing to find the right position for the parts. But its easy and not rocket science. A sketch would have been fine. The part have numbers on the sprue. I recommend to cut out only the parts for one model. If its built than go to the next. This avoids any miss match of parts.

Samstag, 15. September 2012

[For Sale] Skaven Warlord Gamesday 2011

For sale is a limited edition figure from Games Workshop, which was to get at Games Day 2011. The Skaven Warlord is painted very carefully in high details. With beautiful gradients of colors and lighting effects. You can see the lights on the two green spheres. Even the base is an self made creation.

You can klick on the Picture or use this link:

Happy bidding!

Samstag, 8. September 2012

Winter Guard Field Gun Crew

More Winter Guard Equipment. Took me a little bit longer. Wanted to find a new, better fitting color schema. Which I already applied on the Rocketeer. From time to time I will adapt my previous Winter Guard Infantry models. To bring them all to the same schema.

Kings of War arrived

Yesterday I got surprised by the postman. The Mantic Rulebook from the Kick-starter funding project has arrived. Got the big Rulebook with the background stories, the small rulebook easy to use during play, the fantastic looking map singed by Ronnie and 10 nice dice. The dice are really fine. Roll a lot of mantic symbols. :)

Freitag, 7. September 2012

pimp your old miniatures

Today I am gonna show you that a painted model is never finished and you can still work on it.

This Winter Guard Rocketeer was painted by my long ago.
 Yuk!! I apologize to hurt your eyes. :)

My painting skills slightly improved over the years in the hobby. So I got the idea to repaint an old model. Not strip off the old color. Just paint over it. The major colors are already on. You just need to improve the paint job.  Should still be a miniature for play.

Here is the result.
Much better looking now on the table.

And all together the remastered miniature.
Gave him a winter themed base.

This was not the first model. Started with the Butcher but did not previous photos. He is still in work as you can see on his trousers and some red Armour parts on the back.
Hope some of you got inspired to pimp up his/her old models too.